Emerging Leaders Council

Emerging Leaders Council (ELC)

Overview & Mission:

The Emerging Leaders Council (ELC) was formed as a valuable resource for young professionals looking to advance their career or transition into the next phase. The Council recognizes that there is an opportunity to provide continued education for professional development and resources around how to position oneself for the next phase in their career.  The Emerging Leaders Council will help these young professionals expand their professional networks and advance their careers all while contributing their time and talent to the mission of the Tysons Regional Chamber of Commerce.

The relationships established through participation in ELC will create enhanced access to peers, business leaders and elected officials in the community. If you want to create instrumental partnerships, be viewed as a leader and become a voice in the boardroom, please join us.

2016 Goals and Objectives:

– Launch a Mentorship Program

– Work with the Community Impact Council on the Tysons Chamber Gives Back Program

– Help support the Events of the Chamber


3rd Tuesday of the Month

Contact details for more information:

Aaron Cummings, Council Chair

Protorae Law

703.639.0811 (P)  |  acummings@protoraelaw.com