Learn How to Get the Funding You Need for Your Small Business

Did you know that most small businesses fail because of insufficient funding?Funding-2016-Web-Banner2-880x325

Would you like to meet with experts who may be able to help you secure funding for your small business?

The Tysons Chamber of Commerce will host a funding summit for small business owners on Nov. 4 from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. at the TEGNA Conference Center (7950 Jones Branch Drive) in Tysons, VA.

The “Tysons Funding Summit: The State of Small Business Funding” will focus on the opportunities and challenges small business face as they try to secure funding. Speakers will discuss ways to successfully obtain capital from a variety of sources, such as venture capitalists, angel investors, traditional bank funding, SBA funding, credit unions, equity crowdfunding and more.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with multiple lenders that cater to small businesses. The event is open to members and non-members of the Tysons Chamber of Commerce. Registration fees start at $30. To register go to http://business.tysonschamber.org/events/details/tysons-chamber-funding-summit-the-state-of-small-business-funding-3795 or call 703-281-1333.

The Tysons Chamber of Commerce aims to promote and serve member businesses; foster successful regional economic growth; and through collaborative partnerships, enhance the quality of the Northern Virginia community.

The chamber promotes member businesses through networking opportunities, political representation and participation in community activities. Join us, and help grow your business and strengthen our community!

Sunflower Starburst ~ A Flower Painting Party

Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016 ~ 2 – 5 p.m.

Open Blooms ~ 4212 Technology Court ~ Chantilly, VA www.pinotspalette.com/dulles

Paintings and fresh flowers produce some of the most joyful, uplifting, happy emotions on the planet. Each is highly prized for beauty, color, texture and Sunflower-Starburst-tvcomposition, and together, they create double the merriment and positive emotional impact. Pairing a painting party with a little lesson in flower arranging, a sip of wine, a tour and gourmet treats makes the perfect event for anyone who enjoys developing or challenging his or her creativity.

Open Blooms has partnered with Pinot’s Palette of Dulles to host this exciting Flower Painting Party at the Open Blooms 11,000-square-foot warehouse in Chantilly. Individuals, families, friends and couples of all ages will create the charming “Sunflower Sunburst” painting and arrange flowers while enjoying tasty snacks in this one-of-a-kind, Sunday afternoon event. Tours of the large flower business are planned to show people where the magic happens when fresh flowers are received directly from flower farms in other parts of the U.S., as well as Central and South America. Christian Lund, director of floral design for Open Blooms, will present fun flower facts and little stories with his own colorful personality.

It’s art entertainment and floral fun with a hands-on twist — you do the painting and the flower arranging, taking the final art and your fresh floral design home. Everything is provided from aprons, brushes, canvas and paints to fresh flowers, container and tools. The “Sunflower Starburst” is unique for its versatility in hanging from any side or direction. Sunflowers are renown for stunning blossoms and symbolize loyalty, longevity and emotional warmth.

Pinot’s Palette is an upscale, entertaining paint and sip studio in Herndon with a gourmet wine shop. Great music and a cheerful social atmosphere await all who want to watch their own creativity blossom while talented, entertaining artists take you step by step through creating your own version of the featured painting. A blank canvas becomes a personal masterpiece. At the “Sunflower Starburst” Flower Painting Party, you’ll have your own art and floral masterpieces! Save the date! Sign up at https://www.pinotspalette.com/dulles.

What is LinkedIn ProFinder?

The area of freelance recruitment is growing rapidly. ProFinder was launched on LinkedIn in October of last year. It is designed to help marketers find new clients. This is a development that could make big waves in the online freelancer platform space and could significantly alter the growing freelancer/independent workforce market.
Through ProFinder, potential clients looking for marketers will request the services they need. The system sends relevant requests to you, and you can choose to respond with a lightweight proposal. This is similar to existing service websites such as ThumbtackHandyHomeAdvisorServiceWhaleTaskRabbit, etc (which typically offer cleaners or home improvement type professionals).
Recruiting or staffing agencies can find Pros and Pros can sign up on the site as a freelancer or independent professional. Professionals in the following fields are included:
  • Writing and editing
  •  Design
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Software Development
  • IT Services
  • Business Consulting
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Photography
  • And more
ProFinder is first being tested with freelance professionals in California. So for right now it is only available in and around the San Francisco and Los Angeles area.
Want more on this topic? Click here to read the benefits of ProFinder. Click here to understand how to build a successful LinkedIn ProFinder profile…to prep for when it’s available in your city.
This blog was written by Peg McDermott. If you are looking for a solid inbound marketing strategy, contact us today for a free consultation, we are here to help! Follow @cogomojo on Twitter, the COGO Interactive Company Page on LinkedIn, and subscribe to our blog, for more tips and resources. Thank you for reading! Your support is very much appreciated.

5 Tips to Make This Your Year for Successful Presentations!

5 Tips to Make This Your Year for Successful Presentations!
Your enthusiasm attracts people to you, whether you are giving a presentation to one thousand people or one client. Enthusiasm and energy are the magic attractors that pull in your audience and makes them listen to what you have to say.
If you’re not enthusiastic about the information you’re sharing, if your passion doesn’t shine through, no one else will care. You set the tone and create the atmosphere through your irresistible energy. And here’s a secret: Enthusiasm doesn’t have to be loud and over the top to gather an audience, but it does have to genuine.
Here are my five favorite tips for making sure your enthusiasm shines through.
#1: Let it go! All too often, when we’re about to make a presentation, whether it’s a PowerPoint for a small group or a talk on stage, we pull back our emotions because we don’t want to embarrass ourselves. We’re afraid that if we show how passionate we are about an idea, a product, or a cause, people will laugh or look down on us. Yet people can be worldly-wise and successful and still be passionate; in fact, the most successful people never lose their passion.
Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to be emotionally invested in your presentation. Your passion is a good thing, and when you are authentic with your audience, it feels right and they will respond. An audience senses real passion as easily as it catches on to false enthusiasm. They’ll be engaged with your message because you’re engaged. They’ll feel your commitment and passion for your subject and they’ll listen to you.
#2: Have a goal. Go into your presentation knowing what your goal is. What do you want to achieve? What do you want to have happen? Once you have an outcome in mind, you can be personally invested in making that outcome a reality. You need to be clear with yourself on your goals for the presentation and you need to communicate them to your audience so they can take action. For example, you might want to inspire your audience to:
·      Buy your book
·      Sign a petition and volunteer to join or help your organization
·      Engage your services
·      Inspire and motivate others to begin looking at their perspective on life and prospects more positively
Craft your speech so that you build enthusiasm in your listeners, making them receptive to action and wanting to know—‘what can I do to make that happen?’
#3: Make a call to action.  All too often, speakers give their presentation and then fail to clearly give the audience an action plan. A call to action doesn’t have to mean selling something. It can be literally asking your audience to take a step—action—and move toward whatever outcome you have inspired them to seek.
Many people suffer from too little enthusiasm, purpose and passion in their lives. They may be mired in a rut, stifled by boredom, disinterest, negativity and doubt. Your enthusiasm and passion can provide the power they need to overcome inertia and get things moving. It’s your energy that pulls other people along and helps to make a change.
For example, you might encourage your audience to go back to school, get a degree, start a business, give money to a non-profit or vote for or against an issue. Or, you might make a call to action to get your listeners to buy your book, hire you, or buy your product. In both cases, your audience is waiting for you to give them the next steps. Make it easy for them to take action!
#4 Make a presentation people remember.  Think about all the presentations you’ve heard in your life, in school, at organizations, on TV, at work. Out of all those, there are probably only a handful—and maybe just one or two—that have been memorable. Those few presentations may have even changed your life. What made them different from all the others?
Presentations we remember speak to something that is already deep inside us something that has been unexpressed, maybe unacknowledged. A speaker will recount something from their personal history that was a turning point or hardship that led to bigger things. Before and after stories are also common, as are poignant stories that create listener identification with the speaker and bring emotions to the surface. Those are the kinds of things people remember, because the speaker made them think, question, identify and feel.
A memorable presentation helps the listener see himself/herself in a different way and feel empowered to make a change for the better. That change may be self-acceptance, a willingness to move forward toward a goal, or trying something new.
#5: Realize that every audience is different. Audiences directly affect your presentation, and you will be affected by events that took place immediately prior to your turn to speak, or that are coming immediately after your talk. Every presentation you make will be slightly different because you are presenting to different people.
How do you deal with so many variables? The key is to stay connected to your audience so you can adjust your energy level to where they are. You can do this by making eye contact with different people throughout your speech, by calling on individuals or getting audience participation, by telling stories with different types of main characters, and by being accessible after the presentation for those who want to approach you one-on-one.
Put these five tips to use in your next presentation, and see what a difference it makes!
“ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
Faith Monson, Success Consultant, uses proven and effective coaching techniques developed during her 20 years in sales and marketing to help clients realize their potential for success.  She works with solo-entrepreneurs, designers, and those going through job or career transition.  Faith is the author of two eBooks – “Creating Possibilities, How to Realize Your Personal Power to Succeed and Empower Yourself and Your Career” and  “Opening Doors, Reinvent Yourself & Realize Your (Business) Potential” – and more than 70 published articles.  All are available in her Success Coaching Library at  www.FaithMonson.com  

BASIS Independent McLean

New private school brings a future of academic excellence to Tysons Corner
By Lindsay Seidenberg

BASIS Independent McLean is a Preschool through 12th grade independent school opening in Fall 2016 providing students with a nationally-ranked liberal arts, STEM-focused curriculum. The school is redefining education with a curriculum that educates students to the highest international standards; Subject Expert Teachers who are knowledgeable, passionate and believe that with the right support and encouragement, any child can excel; and a joyful learning culture where hard work is celebrated and intellectual pursuits result in extraordinary outcomes.

While this is the first school that Sean Aiken will open as a Head of School, he has been with BASIS.ed, the management company for BASIS Independent Schools, for several years.

“Opening a new school is the perfect mix of professional challenge and creative possibility.  My past experiences help me set appropriately high expectations, but the outcomes in McLean will take their own shape and personality based on the families that make up our community,” he said.

Aiken and his Admissions Team hold Information Sessions several times per month, in which they share the vision and educational philosophy of BASIS Independent McLean. Because their building at 8000 Jones Branch Drive is undergoing construction to be converted from an office building to a school, their Information Sessions have been held in other locations throughout the area, including the Sheraton Tysons Hotel. Aiken says there is no better place for a new independent school.

“The families here value meaningful education that encourages multifaceted thinking at the highest levels,” he says. “McLean and Tysons Corner is a hub of such a wide array of industry and expertise. The immediate community provides a diverse set of opportunities for our families, and our access to national and international resources is phenomenal.”

Aiken and his team are thrilled to forge a new community from the ground up—one where teachers foster a love of learning in all students. Students learn Mandarin starting in Preschool and have the opportunity to continue throughout their schooling at BASIS Independent McLean; by the time students graduate from high school they will have taken Advanced Placement and college-level courses.

“We aim to foster a profound sense of wonder for everyone in the building—teachers, students and staff alike,” he said.

“At BASIS Independent McLean, you can expect a playful environment that celebrates hard work and incredible achievements across the academic and cultural spectrum, and we need to take advantage of every minute to ensure our students are set up for success at the next level.”

The next Information Session will be held on Wednesday, October 14 at 7:00 p.m. at the Sheraton Tysons Hotel. Register here to attend.

Tysons Corner Mall Completes Tranformation Plans

Tysons Corner Mall Completes Transformation Plans

Posted on October 6, 2015 in All News, Board of Supervisors, Land Use, To Know, Tysons

Tysons Mall





Citing the Silver Line’s “transformative effect,” Tysons Corner Center cemented its final plans for its ultimate 3.5 million square foot expansion. The project will bring more housing, offices, shops and restaurants next to the second busiest metro station on the new line.

Mall owner, Macerich, got the green light from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors today for final development plans of about another million square feet. This wraps up the mall’s transformation plan that includes previously approved plans for 2.35 million square feet of mixed use.

Under today’s approval, the mall may move forward with:

  • three new apartment buildings with up to 737 units
  • 12-story office building
  • 133,047-square feet of retail
  • more than 30,000-square feet of park space


Plan Details

Tysons Mall new plan








The plan calls for a 19-story apartment building to be constructed on the surface parking lot across from LL Bean. This tower will contain up to 382 apartments, including 69,000 square feet in shops at its base plus a four-level, underground parking garage. Shops and restaurants will be added outside the Bloomingdale’s entrance. Across from the new apartment, the mall’s stores will be turned to face the street. This will create a one-block-long retail street from Bloomingdale’s to Nordstrom. Additionally, a 30,000-square foot community green will be built across from Bloomingdale’s. It will include features like walking paths, children’s play area and public art.

Surrounding the existing parking garage for Macy’s, three new buildings will rise up facing International Drive. This includes a 20-story apartment building and a five-story one, plus a 12-story office building. The current four-story parking deck will be topped with a 2.8-acre amenity plaza that will link to the new buildings and mall. It will offer features like walking paths, gardens, children’s play area and bocce ball courts, plus an option for shops and restaurants.

When fully built out, the roughly 78-acre property will be home to about six million square feet including the current 2.4 million square foot mall. The project’s first buildings have already been delivered—the 22-story Tyson Tower office, the 300-room Hyatt Regency hotel, 30-story VITA apartment tower, and 1.5-acre plaza that connects to the Tysons Corner Metro station.


Building the Economic Success of Tysons

Not only does this project help to transform Tysons into an urban center, but also it supports the county’s Economic Success Plan. In part, this plan calls for building dense, mixed-use, transit-oriented developments where people can live, work, shop and play. These urban-like projects attract and create more residents, jobs, businesses and tax revenues.

As an example, Intelsat moved its more than 400 headquarters jobs from D.C. into the mall’s new office building, Tysons Tower. This high-rise sits across the street from the Silver Line’s Tysons Corner station, and company leaders said they made the move so employees could get to work on Metro.

Macerich also pointed out that the mall has generated $95 million in property tax revenues since 2005 and about $8.6 million in sales taxes to the county last year. These numbers are expected to grow as more development comes online.


Hard Drive Destruction

Hard Drive Destruction: Degaussing vs. Shredding


In securely destroying old hard drives and other magnetic media, shredding and degaussing are both widely used options.  Which method to choose depends on one’s security needs and budget.  Let’s compare the two options.


Shredding does not eliminate the data on a hard drive, but instead physically destroys the drive by passing the drive through a mechanical shredder.  Typical commercial hard drive shredders can process between 100 and 1,000 pieces per hour depending on the power of the shredder and the size of the hard drives to be shredded.  Removal of server frames prior to shredding is usually not required.  Drive serial numbers are usually recorded prior to shredding.  Each drive is hand-fed into one end of the shredder, and shredded particles are ejected from the other side into a waiting collection container.  Shredded particles are then transported to a metals recovery center for environmentally responsible disposal.

Since data still reside on the shredded particles, it is possible for a technically sophisticated, well-financed operator to recover data from the shredded pieces, if he could find the right piece from among thousands.  For most commercial applications, the typical shred size of ¾” to 1-1/2” wide is sufficient to prevent data recovery.  However, for high-security applications, such as in national security, a smaller particle size can be achieved by placing a sizing screen after the shredder, so that too-large pieces will be kicked back into the shredding chamber for further reduction until the pieces can fit through the screen.

Shredding can be done onsite or offsite.  Onsite shredding is more secure than offsite shredding since the drives will be destroyed prior to departure from the customer’s facility, but for small quantities of hard drives, onsite shredding can be prohibitively expensive because of the cost of bringing a large shredding truck to the customer’s site.  Therefore, for smaller quantities of drives, it is advisable to seek a reputable, NAID-certified shredding firm to pick up the drives for offsite shredding.  The offsite shredding firm will still issue a certificate of destruction for the shredded drives.


Degaussing leaves a hard drive physically intact but scrambles the data on the hard drive by subjecting the drive to a powerful magnetic field.  Degaussing also destroys the factory-installed startup files on a hard drive, making the drive unusable after degaussing.

Degaussing machines are small, usually between 100 and 150 pounds, making them easily portable and enabling data destruction inside the customer’s facility, minimizing the chances of a breach.  However, the throughput of a single degausser is typically 100-150 drives per hour, so if there is a large number of drives to be shredded, multiple degaussing machines will be needed.

Also, server frames must be removed prior to placing the drive into the degaussing machine’s tray, which adds time to the process.  Since a degaussed drive looks exactly like a non-degaussed drive, the degaussed drive must be tagged as “degaussed” with a sticker or marker after processing.

When choosing a degaussing vendor, it is advised to choose a vendor who uses a machine found on the National Security Agency’s Evaluated Products List.  Devices approved by the NSA are suitable for destroying classified material, offering the highest security available.

A word of caution.  Degaussing does not work on non-magnetic media, such as CD’s, DVD’s, thumb drives and solid-state hard drives.  Since the latter can often be easily confused with traditional hard drives, customers are advised to sort through their drives to identify solid-state hard drives prior to presenting them to a data destruction vendor for degaussing.

High-security customers such as those in government and defense are advised to use both degaussing and shredding to ensure that there is no chance of data recovery from destroyed drives.

Post-Destruction Disposal

After either shredding or degaussing, a reputable data destruction firm will take the scrap to a metals recovery firm on your behalf for further processing.  For example, hard drives contain aluminum and gold that can be recovered.  Tapes and CD’s can not be recycled, but the scrap can be incinerated and converted back to electricity.  Make sure your vendor is NAID AAA-certified, as such vendors must secure written pledges from their recycling partners that the scrap they delivered will be handled in a manner that prevents data from being compromised.


Steve Theobald is General Manager of Proshred of Northern Virginia in Sterling, VA, a franchise of Proshred Security, the nation’s oldest data destruction firm.  He can be reached at steve.theobald@proshred.com

Power Up! 3 Easy Ways to Amp Up Your Positive Power

 Ever notice how your level of energy increases when you work with people who are enthusiastic and upbeat? Even if you haven’t inherited the positive energy gene, you can learn how to develop the power of personal positivity at work and in your life. Here are my three favorite tips!

1.    Know when you give your best performance.

Learn where your best/highest performance energy level is so you can perform at your best and know when you are fully on and when you are starting to lose energy. Identify your place of peak energy, enthusiasm and focus.


2.   Clear the air of energy killers.

How do you steer clear of your own energy depleters? Here’s when you can fake it ‘till you make it. Norman Vincent Peale said, “If you are lacking in enthusiasm, by simply acting enthusiastic, you can make yourself enthusiastic.” It’s like a shot of adrenaline, because you trick your mind into feeling enthusiasm for real.


3.   Maintain your personal level of energy/enthusiasm.

One great way to do this is by shining the light on other people and sharing the limelight. Be inclusive, invite others to participate, and have co-presenters. Including other people creates higher group energy. That lets you catch your breath and power down for a few minutes while the energy moves around the room.


Faith Monson, Success Consultant, uses proven and effective coaching techniques developed during her 20 years in sales and marketing to help clients realize their potential for success.  She works with solo-entrepreneurs, designers, and those going through job or career transition.  Faith is the author of two eBooks – “Creating Possibilities, How to Realize Your Personal Power to Succeed and Empower Yourself and Your Career” and  “Opening Doors, Reinvent Yourself & Realize Your (Business) Potential” – and more than 70 published articles.  All are available in her Success Coaching Library at www.FaithMonson.com




From Transurban: Tips for a Smooth Trip on the Express Lanes this Summer

Tips for a Smooth Trip on the Express Lanes this Summer

Avoid highway headaches by keeping these travel tips in mind before hitting the road

The 495 and 95 Express Lanes provide more than 2 million customers with faster and more reliable trips on two of our region’s most congested highways.  Using the Express Lanes is easy, but whether you’re an Express Lanes veteran or about to take your first trip, these tips will help you get around smoothly this summer.

Navigating the 495 and 95 Express Lanes

When heading out of town for summer vacation, the 495 and 95 Express Lanes are your best option for an enjoyable, stress-free trip.  If you’re new to the Lanes, take the time to learn about your entry and exit points before you jump in the car.

The trip planning tool on the On the Road Now page at ExpressLanes.com shows the location of all entry and exit points as well as detailed maps.  Plan your trip today to ensure a seamless travel experience on the Lanes.

Driver Tools

In addition to mapping out your route using the trip planning tool, visit ExpressLanes.com to:

–  Review current traffic conditions and toll prices on the Lanes
–  Sign up for price alerts on the website
–  Review current traffic conditions and toll prices on the Lanes
–  Sign up for price alerts on the website and follow the Express Lanes on Twitter @VAExpressLanes for updates
–  View advisory message signs along the Lanes for any current travel information
–  Contact us with any questions

Using E-ZPass

All drivers need an E-ZPass to use the Express Lanes.  E-ZPass is the method of payment on the Lanes, just like a debit card used at the grocery story.  To avoid any issues, you must be sure to properly use your E-ZPass.  Remember these simple rules.

1.Fund it:  Ensure there are sufficient funds in your account
2.Link it:  Link your license plate to your E-ZPass account
3.Mount it:  Properly mount your E-ZPass in your vehicle near the rear-view mirror

By properly managing your E-ZPass account, you can avoid receiving unpaid toll invoices.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when managing your account:

–  Sign up for alerts to be notified when your account has a low balance
–  Consider setting your E-ZPass account up with auto replenishment to avoid having to remember your balance
–  Take action right away when you receive a notice from E-ZPass for low funds or an expired credit card

If you recently traveled without an E-ZPass on the Express Lanes, you should visit the Missed a Toll page to take care of your unpaid toll within five days of traveling on the Lanes.

Safety First

Remember these tips no matter where you travel this summer:

–  Sunshine, warm temperatures and clear skies make for the perfect beach forecast, but drivers are also more likely to speed in these conditions – make sure to obey the speed limit
–  Nice weather brings more pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcyclists to the streets and sidewalks – please give those traveling by foot or on two wheels plenty of room
–  Keep bottled water in your vehicle to avoid dehydration in the event of a mechanical issue

For more information and additional driver resources, please visit ExpressLanes.com.



Tech Corner: Recent Email Scheme Targets Business Executives & Financial Employees

Recent email scheme targest.Cyber attackers are adept at finding new ways to ply their nefarious trade — some of the more elaborate scams seen over the years include fraudulent “Microsoft: support calls, health care enrollment phishing attempts, and business email compromise.

A recent email scheme that came to our attention concerns wire transfer requests, which target business executives and financial department employees via spam email. As the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center has reported, the goal is simple: to convince the recipient to process a payment for goods or services via wire or credit transfer. Scammers either hack or spoof domain names — think hard-to recognize alterations like “yourwebsiite.com” instead of “yourwebsite.com” — then create email account names that duplicate or closely resemble that of the CEO or other senior executive. That way, an unsuspecting employee in the finance or business department might not think twice about following orders from the boss.

To help avoid this scam, here are some strategies to employ to help protect you and your company:

1) Check the email header to see where a message actually originated from. A hacker can name an email account anything he wants — CEO, Vice President, even, in more elaborate social engineering scams, an executive’s actual name — no matter what the actual address is. So before you respond to anything that asks about money, payment, or compensation, check the example@email.com address in the email header. Doing this differs by email program, but in most versions of Microsoft Outlook it’s achieved by clicking Message > Options > Message Options > Internet Headers.

2) Also check subject lines and body copy for ANY discrepancies. Notice any misspelled words, odd grammar forms, or other inconsistencies that don’t seem consistent with your co-worker’s email style? Those can be big red flags that can help you avoid trouble from the get-go.

3) Validate any link in any unfamiliar email before clicking on it. Hover over or right click all links and look for a legitimate URL that matches the one the email came from — not long strings of jumbled numbers or letters. All it takes is one click on one bad link by one employee to cause a malware download and create the entry point that cyber attackers need to your company.

4) Do not open any email or attachment from any sender you don’t recognize. Last year’s CryptoLocker virus spread primarily through malicious PDFs, audio files, and other attachments that computer users unwittingly clicked on. If you don’t know the sender and aren’t expecting a file, don’t click on it!

5) Avoid using free, web-based email for business purposes. Establish a company website domain and use secure email accounts – with strong passwords, changed regularly – for all communications. Strongly consider a comprehensive network security solution, which should conduct regular malware scans and daily updates. Deploy strong firewalls and anti-spam protections that can filter out scams like the one described above — and alert security experts to spoofed or hacked accounts.

Even though it seems like the data breach tide won’t stop advancing, the right policies and procedures can help keep your business safe, and you and your customers better protected from critical data breach.

Terry Whearley is owner of CMIT Solutions of Fairfax, a leading CompTIA Trustmark-certified Northern Virginia firm which delivers enterprise-class IT services for the small business. CMIT Solutions of Fairfax provides cost-effective managed IT services that keep the business running while our customers run their businesses. Our mission is to worry about IT, so you don’t have to.